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Q. Are you a dental office? Don't you have to be a dentist to whiten somebody's teeth?

Majestic Smile is not a dental office. Only your dentist is qualified to treat injured or ill teeth or tissues in your mouth or perform routine hygienic cleaning. We never provide more than our teeth whitening program which is considered to be purely cosmetic. Majestic Smile always recommends that you consult with your dentist prior to undergoing any teeth whitening treatment.

Q. Is the Majestic Smile Teeth Whitening Process safe?
A. Research has shown that if the teeth and gums are normal and healthy there are no adverse effects to bleaching one's teeth. Our whitening agent is within legal limits and not excessive and administered in a professional manner. Unlike many other whitening systems marketing digital curso (EBAC), we take great care to protect your gums by applying a gingival protectant along your gum line to minimize the possibility of whitening agent coming into contact with any soft tissue. We also apply a balm to your lips for added protection. People with tooth decay and with any type of gum disease should avoid this treatment. In addition, although no side effects are affirmed, we will not whiten your teeth if you are pregnant, had recent dental surgery, are photosensitive or taking photosensitive medication.
Q. How long does this process take and what are the results?
A. Obviously, results can vary as everybody's teeth and lifestyle are different. Your teeth will never be whiter than your genetic traits will allow. The grade of your teeth and your age can affect the process, but we normally schedule one-hour appointments and provide up to three applications of our whitening agent, each taking approximately twelve minutes.The vast majority of our clients are delighted with the results after a single appointment.

Q. How long can I expect the process to last?
A. This really depends upon the food, beverages or tobacco products you consume and your adherence to our 48 hour post procedure follow-up recommendations. Although two to four years is not unusual, most individuals who consume coffee, tea, dark sodas and red wine or similar products or use any kind of tobacco may want to schedule a follow up appointment more frequently. We typically recommend six to twelve month intervals. We will provide you with an email or postal mail reminder at the interval of your choice.

Q. What are your post teeth whitening follow up recommendations?
A. For the first 48 hours after the process, your teeth will be more susceptible to staining. We recommend avoiding coffee, tea, dark colored soda, red wine, curry, beetroot and any other food or drink that would stain the teeth. A good rule of thumb is that if it would stain a white shirt it will stain your teeth. If your teeth are sensitive you may find brushing with Sensodyne(TM) Toothpaste to be helpful. Of course, Majestic Smile suggests that you brush, floss and get regular dental check-ups as directed by your dentist.

Q. Will I feel any discomfort? Are there any side effects?
A. Some people may feel a little tingling sensation, white gum line, or sensitivity, all of which are normal, hold no real danger and typically last only a few hours. If your teeth are sensitive you may find brushing with Sensodyne(TM) Toothpaste to be helpful and you may want to avoid hot or cold beverages for up to 24 hours

Q. Who may benefit from the Majestic Smile Teeth Whitening Process?
A. Most people consume the types of products that cause yellow staining of their teeth. Teeth whitening agents are most effective on these types of stains. It is important to remember that teeth can not be bleached whiter than genetically possible. Tetracycline stains may not be removed. Stains resulting from excessive fluorides or if your teeth are porous it is less likely you will be satisfied with the results. Generally, more than 95% of our customers are satisfied with the changes in the color of their teeth following the procedure.

Q. I have a crown on an anterior or front tooth. Will your product whiten my crown?
A. Typically not. For new crowns the standard procedure is to first whiten all adjacent teeth, wait two weeks for the color to stabilize, then go to your dentist and have him match the crown to the new shade of your teeth. On the contrary, if a crown has already been in place for many years, the whitening process can return the rest of the teeth to the original shade prior to the crown placement and often removes stains from the crown. The same goes for composites, bridges, and veneers.

Q. Is your whitening agent the same as from my family dentist?
A. Absolutely. Our supplier provides products to other whitening businesses and dental offices throughout the country. Our whitening agent, although at legal limits as determined by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), is, in many cases more potent than what your dentist will supply. The key to the success of our whitening system is our blue light technology which increases the effectiveness of whitening in a fraction of the time and cost.

Q. What causes stains?
A. Some teeth are naturally pigmented or stained as they develop. Typically, stains come from exposure to tea, coffee, dark sodas, red wine or tobacco products and of course the result of the aging process. Remember, anything that will stain a white shirt will, over time, stain your teeth.

Q. Will the technician whitening my teeth be qualified?
A. Absolutely. Majestic Smile trains its whitening technicians through a formal, disciplined educational curriculum that consists of a study guide, procedural manual, classroom component, practical experience with a mentor and testing on every step of the whitening process. And, of course they all have direct personal experience with the process having had their own teeth whitened!


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